Aaheri Bose

Once upon a blue moment
I smelled petrichor
At the end of a starry summer.
Walking through the forest,
I spied a hesitant green leaf, 
Carrying a drop of drizzle on it's tip. 
It reflected the rays back to their sun, 
Dazzling my eyes with a bouquet of colours. 
In that moment 
I could see a town square form inside it, 
Stained in the shades 
Of the drizzle drop's reflection. 
The rainbow people roamed about
The old translucent architecture, 
Indigo leaves still in an applause on yellow branches, 
Below an aqua green sky, 
Peach clouds swimming in it's vastness. 
Yet, this circus of colours couldn't hold my busy eyes, 
Because there stood the Bell Tower
In the center of the square, 
Sparkling in its rouge glory, 
Bearing the Purple Bell. 
Safely tucked in the frame of rouge bricks, 
The Purple Bell tinkled in this tiny town, 
Telling her rainbow people 
When to expect pancakes 
And the time for the last bread to be chowed. 
This Bell shined, 
Like another Child of Time, 
It's hue calling for me in ways I haven't felt in the longest while. 
So, I was transported to a familiar memory 
Of purples of the yester;
Of patched quilts and gummy smiles
Of explosive rains and hurried byes. 
Why did this town appear out-of-the-blue, I wondered, 
Is it another reminder of a time which can't mine, 
That Time itself snatched away from me? 
Or is it a trap? 
This bell was an echo, 
Signifying time which was just an echo, 
A very distant echo-
(An imposter?) 
Of the entity who was my reference of Time;
For my time, my reality, 
My very being bloomed at their smile. 
So Time had no control over me, 
They did. 
I became me in their arms;
And now, 
I'm reduced to mere daydreaming  
Echos and Bell Towers. 
Heaving a mad breath after it clicked why this town came to be, 
I knew. 
This purple was not my love. 
As if realizing this when I did, 
The Purple Bell rang
Pushing me away from itself,
Then poof! 
It left me behind. 
The drizzle drop had slipped from the green tip, 
Splashing on to the muddy ground, 
And stained that spot purple
Standing stark against my dull brown.
The daydream failed to trap me in it,
And so, the moment met its end.

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