Nishi Jain

Fantasies, desires, imagination, thoughts
It's all gone,
Once arrived the time of dawn.
Hope, aim, ambition, aspiration
All loses in a span of attention
Why they come and not stay?
Why they evoke fire in the head but doesn't allow us touch the light of ray?
In the hours of sleep,
Either it introspects about the future
Or retrospect about the past
But once you are in present
Nothing seems to last.

What do you call a DREAM?
A world of delusion
A universe filled with devotion
They say,
Dreams have a lot of weigh
What do you think it convey?
Pleasant or unpleasant ,
Connected or unconnected,
Conscious or unconscious,
Riding us through the adventure
Is the form of their inherent nature.
Racing on those mercurial hallucinations
Gives you a hope of the days to be bloomy

But my kid,
Dreams without purpose
Makes your life gloomy.
An enlightened says,
Visualise the life in the animation
It is nothing but as same as imagination
You see,
Everyday becomes a yesterday
Every year becomes a yesteryear
The time of the life
is always in the mode of hyper lapse.
Hence, Sit back and relax.
When the vision is blurry
Don't be in hurry.
Just learn the art of living in NOW
wonder yourself in WOW
No matter what your dream is ,
What matters is how potent your intend is,
A person with INTENTION
leads the path of MANIFESTATION.
A man thriving in present
The one who has
Purity in intention,
Dynamism in action,
Becomes the winner of the reality,
Which is no less than a dream.
An individual with an utter wisdom can only say,
Don't see the dream as reality,
But see the reality as dream.
Therefore my dear,
Dreams are blasé about thou
So one is left with nothing

But a NOW.


  • Deep like an Ocean.. I can connect to this! Blown away! Blessings and love.. keep it up the good work Nishi🙃

    Aditya Ukani
  • Beautiful


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