Perfect Memories


Paper boats and rains are always a pleasant memory

etched in our hearts forever.

It is all the more special when you dream sounds

because the vibes are so real.


Paper boats and rains, paper boats and rains.

All the pleasantness associated with it.

The petrichor, the coffee, warm blankets

My world so complete.


My friends kept talking about a game called football

The word itself caused goosebumps,

Constant cheering and my mother serving coffee,

Bliss it was.


They spoke about some shoes which fascinated me

May be it is the name, Spikes I found funny.

I asked my mother to buy them

As I used to always stumble and fall.


She told God will provide, write to him.

I did not like the postman as he seemed cunning

So paper boats it was,

Beginning of an era of romance, never ending


Vivid in my memories my mother shouting,

Idiot!! we have peacocks to welcome the rains

do not get drenched and do your silly dance.

Who can resist paper boats and rains.


The number of boats set sail made me smile

Could be hundreds of them, infinite.

Also keeping me busy leaving no time to whine.

I could many so many in no time.


You won’t believe I received the shoes,

Through my uncle I saw God.

Now, do you know what makes me smile,

I read and write through braille,

Which means infinite holes on the boat I set sail.


Somewhere I had heard, Ask and you shall receive.

The best advice till date, I will cherish.

Paper boats and rains,

My childhood so complete.

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