Perfect 20 Dates

By Clueless Raindrop

I saw him yesterday ,
He asked me out the next day.
Will bring me roses tomorrow.
His arms will be like a sweet borough 
I will be his  queen .
He will gift me a wreath.
And finally we will go on our first date.
The calendars will be marked with all the special dates.
And picture of us kissing in the moonlight would be a reminder of our second date.
By third date I will take him to library where he  would just brush his fingers against my hair and accept the dork that I am.
And by fourth and fifth date I will know his favorite shirt
By sixth date I will know his intoxicating smell and by seventh I will be wearing his jersey.
By Eight date he would me taking me to his grandmothers and share the secret  recipe of  a "family pie".  
By nineth I will know him like the back of my hand , and he will be aware of how his  touch excites me.
By tenth date we will be sitting on the couch,
 too lazy to go out but feeling exhilarated after the make out.
By 11th date I will feel him missing me so I will just drop a random message.
On the12th date he will take me to catch snowflakes.
And when a tiny droplet settles on his eyelash like a clouds clouding a warm sun
I will move a little to remove it and it will melt under my touch.
After coming back from the date I will recollect the memories from the date and how   I stood on my ground and did not move ,
as he watched me when the snow flake  had melted .
I looked up to see his expressive eyes , storm swirling inside them.
His beauty kept me captivated and the need to be near him , with him and full of him , made me forget all rational thoughts.
He brushed his lips against mine ,
then slowly pulled and bit the lower one.
Then finally kissed both of them and his intensity of kiss increased and I melted like the  snowflake.
I slept on our way back , he carried me to his room in arms.
He covered me with blue a blanket and since I was cold he slept while giving me a hug.
Honestly , as obvious as the sun coming out during the day , I was falling hard for this guy in every way and everyday.
By our 13th date  he will know me well enough to let me pay for my half of bill
but at the end of the date he will still open the door for me.
He knows he is my rock and he adds to my strength but he always says that I am his strength.
His laugh won't  be an unfamiliar sound by the 14th , yet it  would be like jamais vu to my ears and would bring butterflies to my stomach..
By 15th his hands would me mapping my body,
burning every part he touches.
And I know he will tuck me in the bed at night but won't finish what he started  and  will  cuddle me for the sake of being near me.
By 16th date I would be his and he would be mine.
And it would be one hell of a romantic night. 
By 17th  I would have found home in him 
And by 18th  I will be living with him.
By 19th he would propose at the place where we first met.
By 20th date I would blush while he teases me about our wedding details.
And we will share a sweet kiss under the sunlight  which is as bright as what the future holds for tomorrow.

And that my friend is the story of perfect 20 dates.

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