Priyanka Goswami

You've got seven lifetimes, they say
while some believe you only have one.
Alas, I do not know which one is true
but how I wish the latter was false.
Everyone remembered the fiddle life I lived
little did they bother what I endured.
Never did I want to be the sidekick in the Epic, 
By choice, I would have been Elizabeth's Classic.
Even the King of Sparta couldn't persuade you to stay.
Today, I wouldn't be sorry father, if only I could obey.
Dear husband, that day you just didn't win the race,
But ask me now, I wish, you weren't allowed to participate.
Choices were made and we moved in,
We had our own battles, but you decided to fight the Troy.
Here I was all alone with our new born, trying to tackle.
Still trying to understand, what all did happen.
With each passing day,
I lost all hopes and rays.
Our son grew up, without a father.
But no problem dear, we had the suitors.
The shroud was enough to keep them away
Since I was the Queen, wasn’t allowed to be swayed.
I envied Helen that day, 
At least she had the guts to run away.
It took you 20 years to reach home, 
And still you wanted to check upon.
Hey great, I passed the test, 
Thinking that we could start the best of rest.
I saw you lying on the side of the bed.
With the home sick tears rolling down ahead.
It was evident that adventure was your new home
And I will have to sail through all alone.
But you should be happy first,
So the final Goodbye was a must.
You were gone, and so were the suitors
So I cover my feelings under the completed long shroud.
I don’t wish for the seven lifetimes today, 
But at least one more so that I can live the life my way.
Who knows what will happen tomorrow
But let me sleep peacefully under stone today.

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  • Very beautifully written. Unusual and heart warming.


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