Peace – to stop

Are you in the search of peace?
If yes , then ready to stop everything 
Let’s stop thinking about your failures 
After all ,you did your best 
In that projects of your life 
Let’s stop to count your goodwill 
That you made for others 
Let’s stop to say that 
You are not self reliant 
Let’s stop your brain 
From overanalysing  of anything 
Let’s stop to wearing the costumes of 
Different – different faces everyday 
Let’s stop to overcrowd your 
Memory card of unnecessary data .
Let’s take a bus for the new journey 
To finding magic in the blurry 
Let’s choose the path of self acceptance 
To rectify the presence of expectance .


  • Your limitation—it’s only your imagination.
    Keep it up😇

    Chaitanya Parashar
  • Awesome 👍👍

  • Your thoughts inspire us & keep moving like this 👌

  • Superb……nice one👍

    Triyambika dubey
  • Your thoughts are awesome

  • Great work

    Satyam kumar mishra
  • Nice one Dristhi 👌

  • Nice Thoughts. Keep it up.


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