Peace Of Cake

A couple of months have slithered past
Since I last wore a sharp jawline.
It couldn't have possibly fallen off,
So, it might still be where it was,
But, pursed under my now puffier cheeks.
My crimson T-shirt once firmly stated
"The eye of the tiger" horizontally painted,
The "tiger" of which is bulging now,
Testing the Herculean denim buttons
Which once lay idling under a belt.
It has been quite some time
Since I've resorted to a smaller plate,
Gulping lukewarm water & honey,
And every other day I weigh & wait,
Feeling my cheeks for jawline. (Anytime now!)
But the restlessness is the cost I bear,
Wondering if I tore into the white of my pillow,
I'd get to taste the red velvet under it.
Or how I'd give away the green forests of Earth,
For an elegant slice of white and black forests. (Each)
This celibacy from all that is sweet & dear to me,
Has got me replacing colors with flavors,
Like, how I bet the sun tastes like the finest pineapple pastry,
& I swear, the bougainvillea & roses smell of the freshest cream.
And, the sofa in the bakery I've just walked into, is baked to perfection. (At 180° for 40 minutes)
The horrific episode of eternal separation,
Owing to the jawline I've overheld
Has seen its end. (Death by chocolate)
And with it the restlessness is put to rest,
For me, honestly, it was a peace of cake.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Peace'

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