Padma Kamal

Pranati R

Her hair unfolded the way a waterfall gushes down the length of hills. The drops of sweat drips down her neck like dew condensing on the curves of the leaves. Her waist looked like a smooth meander and eyes resembled clouds just before a deluge. Gasping, she squinches her lips, as tight as shells of oyster after associating with the divine drop of rain. Both reached climax. Hiding her chaste under a chiffon dupatta she ran into the bathroom. Sulochana was born to Rani, a sex worker in Gulab Ganj, a huge haveli made of stone that had wooden roofs. Rani and Kammo Bua, the care taker of all the women in Gulab Ganj paved way for Sulu to become a sex worker at the age of 19. Sulu attended night school till class 7 and discontinued her education since then. She was unaware of how huge the world outside Gulab Ganj and Kamathipura was. She never had to leave the haveli. As a child she Rani didn’t allow her to play with other kids in the haveli. Rani was a 42yr old, plump woman. She wore a silver Kama bandh that pressed against her waist making it seductive. Her eyes charmed with kajal, the specific attar she rubbed on her neck and the nose pin that looked like a diamond studded inside a clay pot. She was everything a man couldn’t resist, no wonder she charged the highest of all. Sulu grew up watching her mom spending time with various men. Vasudev was a regular visitor for Rani, he was a jeweler and brought bangles, earrings and colorful bindis for Sulu each time he came. Sulu called him Vasu Chacha. But a horror happened today, Vasu chacha, who paid Sulu’s school fee, paid her for being his partner by the night. Sulu ran into the bathroom and sat under the running tap. The sharp and cold jet of water pierced through her pores. It could only cleanse her of Vasu’s touch but not the feel of it.
Sulu was forced into prostitution by her mother and Kammo Bua. She had to entertain strange men every day, every night. She loathed the feel being disrobed, sometimes with strong hands, sometimes with the mouth. She tried avoiding having sex with several excuses. Period blood assured No Pregnancy to others while it ensured No Sex for Sulu. She was the happiest during her chums.
One day, a young man came to Gulab Ganj. He was drunk and looked like he had cried his eyes out. He saw Sulu peeping at him through the railing of the staircase and chose her. Sulu was on her period that day. Just when she thought she didn’t have to be locked with him, Kammo Bua sent him to her because he had offered her a heavy bundle of lusty cash. He held Sulu by her waist and lift her up. Throwing her on his shoulder he walked his way to the room. Sulu was shattered as she saw his footsteps approaching the dungeon of forsaken sex maniacs. He dropped Sulu and shut the door. Immediately he pulled Sulu and held her waist tight and moved up to her back while he rubbed his lips against her stiff neck. He pierced her skin with his fingers that felt like thorns and gently bit her shoulder giving her a scar of his agony over his lost love. Then he pulled the Dori of her blouse and had a look of her beautiful curves of womanhood. He kissed her chest and continued down to her navel. Her navel was a groove in the plum, a well in the desert. He kissed and bit her navel. Then he turned her around and lingered around her back. Her spine straightened and he kept licking her skin like it tasted of fresh cream with the essence of saffron. He grabbed the hook of her bra with his teeth and ripped it off ferociously. Kneeling down he removed his shirt and pulled her skirt down. She was bleeding but that didn’t stop him from quenching his thirst. He seemed like an incarnation of a vampire to sulu. He pushed her onto the bed and explored her flower. Kissed her soft lips and kneaded her hands. Sulu’s gold chain looked extremely attractive on that naked body. He softly blew air between the legs, she shivered and had goosebumps. He devoured her body and kept thrusting her for several minutes. Sulochana’s body was sweating profusely. The man was satisfied. He got dressed and left Sulu some extra cash on the table beside the Iron almirah. This incident marked the devastation of Sulu’s heart. She locked herself for several hours and didn’t speak to anybody.

Two days later, early in the morning, Sulochana was walking on the terrace of the Haveli. Her attention was caught by a dusky lady bathing in the verandah of a small house behind Gulab Ganj. She was wrapped in a red cotton towel around her chest. Her shoulders were broad and her arms tight. When she poured the first mug of water on herself the cloth stuck to her body. She looked like an hourglass from behind. She took some turmeric paste with the petal soft fingers and started applying it to her neck. Sulu was silently watching her as the lady started to rub the turmeric paste on her arms, back and her smooth legs. water drops were dancing as they moved down her silky skin. Just when the lady was about to turn around, a voice was heard, Kammo bua called sulu to giver her the monthly share of money. Sulochana saw a girl her age for the first time. She grew up between boys and this was her first encounter with another teenage girl.
Sulu went upstairs every morning to see the mysterious girl. She desperately wanted to make friends with her. Weeks passed and it was time for Durga Pooja. Everyone gathered in the Mahankali temple. This was a day off for all the sex workers in Kamathipura. Sulu was dressed in a deep blue Chanderi Silk Saree and had left her hair open. She was hoping to see the mysterious girl today. In the pandal was the girl, sulu recognized her immediately from the structure of her back. She held the girl’s hand and introduced herself. The girl turned around and Sulu was startled to see her almond shaped eyes, infectious smile and wedge-shaped nose. Her name was kamala. Kamala was also born to a sex worker but lived outside kamathipura. She visited her mother every week. She completed her education and was living with her mom until she had to leave for Delhi for her new job. Kamala was happy to meet Sulu, she hugged her and wished her a happy new year. Both of them danced to their favorite songs. It was as if their feet knew each other’s rhythms for ages. Sulu was happy again.

That night Sulu slept thinking of her new friend. They started spending a lot of time together. As days passed Sulu felt like getting closer to kamala. She looked forward to meet her and hug her. Kamala brought tasty food for Sulu and showered her with a lot of love. Each time sulu was disgusted about sleeping with men she shared her sorrows with kamala. She rested her head on Kamala’s shoulders. Once Sulu was walking in the verandah and saw Kamala talking to a guy on the road. She was filled with insecurity. Sulu acted weird with kamala. She threw tantrums and taunted her for talking with her “New Best friend”. Kamala comforted sulu. She sat her down and touched her face. She looked into Sulu’s eyes and told her “Nobody could replace you in my heart.” and kissed her forehead. Sulu could smell Kamala’s natural Scent. She was filled with the urge to kiss kamala. Kamala told her to look at the tree of Shiuli flowers and think of her whenever she missed her. That night when the Shiuli blossomed Sulu collected the flowers and placed them in her room. The smell of Shiuli reminded her of Kamala’s wet body while she bathed, the touch of her lips, how their chests pressed against each other each time they hugged. Sulu caressed her breasts while she imagined this. She was turned on for the first time. She imagined how it would feel if she had sex with kamala.

Days passed and Sulu’s urge to take relations forward with Kamala kept increasing. One-night Sulu turned the lights down and placed Shiuli flowers on the table beside the iron almirah. She sat in front of the table and got naked. Sulu started exploring every curve of her body. She touched the parietals of her rose. It has never felt the same before. Rubbing them she slowly traced her way inside and found her G-petal. She rubbed, pinched and played with her rose. Now she gently moved downwards and her moist skin escorted her fingers inside the cave of desires. She was moaning. She enjoyed and imagined Kamala all the time. She could see Kamala dressed like a goddess of sex in an off white and golden bordered blouse and a low waist lehenga that gave a look of kamala’s cleavage. She looked like a Shiuli flower that had just bloomed and fallen off the tree. Sulu passionately touched herself and reached climax. The orgasm felt like a touch to a mimosa. Sulu had her eyes filled with tears. From then every time she had sex with a man, she closed her eyes and felt Kamala. She had fallen for Kamala.
It was the month of January; the season of Shiuli had gone and it marked the time that kamala had to leave for Delhi. Sulu wanted to confess her love for kamala before she left. She bought a beautiful bronze of Lord Nataraja for Kamala as Kamala was a gracious dancer. Sulochana prepared her lines the entire night. She never felt so nervous even before losing her virginity. She went to Kamala’s house and heard some voices. When she peeped through the window, she saw Kamala Naked for the first time. “Come to me my love, ill show you my dance and satisfy your thirst” said Kamala. Sulochana was filled with delight and just when she was opening the door, she heard another voice. She saw another woman in a green Paithani Saree. Sulu was awestruck, destroyed and broken. She ran back to the haveli and locked herself inside room. In a few days Kamala Left and didn’t care to bid adieu to Sulu. Sulu had no guts to think of what had happened with her. She laid there like a numb doll to every man’s grim touch.

Months passed and It was shiuli season again. 20 yr. old Sulochana was reluctant to celebrate her birthday but all the women of Gulab Ganj were excited and wanted to make their youngest member feel special. Everyone brought her gifts and sweets but her mom had the most special gift for her. Padma Rani came to Sulu and blessed her with long life, beauty and health. She was retiring from the business and wanted Sulu to carry forward her legacy. She gave her a box wrapped in golden paper. Inside it was a green Paithani Saree. The same one.

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