Own It

Yashaswani Prakash

Its blue ticks, and still no answer
Seen, yet a lost banter
Netflix buffers, crisis downloaded
Add spluttering, Reality slips in
Fingers hold on to the remote,
Switch, Change, Re- Run, Repeat
Shared a post, masked a foreign feeling
Family Time, a WhatsApp joke
Virtual hugs, to kisses we adore
Story talks more than we, now will ever do
Façade up, caked in another self
Step, and one more each day
Walk far, far from myself
Wild trip, Weed settles in
Adieu to mental sickness for a few
Drink it in, Drink till it’s out
A murdered truth, a heaving sigh
Frosty heart, a toasty drink
Cloud of sadness I breathe then in,
Sucking my stress, for the will to live
Exciting Life, another day begins
I’m living it all, I’m living it every day
With Hollowed eyes, Filtered snips
Scaring wounds, and mute screams
Waring minds, endless roads
Vicious circle, behold!

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