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Devyankshi Parchani

Overthinking is a bad friend of mine
It keeps visiting me every night
To check if i'm fine
Or should I say to make me feel all right

But all it causes is more sadness
It ruins all the beautiful thoughts inside my head
It makes me feel like a complete mess
It keeps my eyes wide open until 2 am in bed

I am awake till late at night
Thinking about how badly i regret doing certain things
I am just not able to fight
This mess inside my head is creating a lot of tangled strings.

Staying up late eventually makes me wake up late,
Usually giving me a headache.
I am also tired of this increasing weight,
I think im about to break.

I cry when I feel lost,
I scream when no one is around.
I hate overthinking at every cost,
It makes my head go round and round.

I take all my anger out at the people I love the most,
Even though i know that it is never their mistake.
It is a lot later that i realise that they are the only ones who will love me at all costs
And then i try to apologise without being fake.

Overthinking has tons of side effects,
You notice the smallest change in someone's behaviour.
The way they talk, the way they smile and the way they pass comments.

To me, self destruction will always be overthinking
Because i get so engrossed in all the destructive thoughts
That i dont realise how my time is passing.
All this just makes me feel like i'm one of the snots.

Now is when i stop preaching,
All i want to say is stop overthinking.


  • Very well expressed

  • Remarkable !!😍💯👌👌

  • Superbly penned!💯💯

  • Poetry at it’s finest!💯

  • So true.. 😍😍😍
    Amazing 👍👍👍


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