Overcoming Loneliness

By Himanshi "Nandi"

You hit me once

I stood there shivering

Contemplating the possibilities

The flaws in me

The strengths in you

The downsides of me

The upsides of you

I had let you down

Or was it the other way around?

You hit me once again

I was left bleeding and in pain

Was I really at fault?

Or was I a victim by default?

I begged for mercy

I begged for death

Not even pleading mattered

Because you were deaf

You scarred my body

You scarred my soul

You inflicted pain

But you made me bold

When they found the body

They shivered, they trembled

The scars were deep and skin so freckled

I robbed you of your identity

Piece by piece I stripped your personality

Now, here I am

Starting afresh

Because, no more, am I, a damsel in distress.


  • Superb

  • Superb ?

  • Amazing ✌

    Abhishek bhoj
  • Fantastic… Well crafted

    shrey sah

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