Over dose- highly recommended

Aprajita S 

Adrenalin gushes through my veins,
spinning half of my existence around.
The thought of holding your hand,
quarter of an hour from now,
makes this metro journey unbearably long.
In justice, the other half stayed the same.
Not sane.
On a head stand, with one hand calming the heart's calamity,
and the other defying the law of gravity,
forming waves with no crests.
I am afloat.
I guess it is the acid in my empty stomach on action, or butterflies, just saying.
I can't stop smiling.
An apologetic push from the sweat soaked neighbour aboard.
A tiny halt for my facial muscles.
"It's Okay. "
A hopeful not to self, attached.
Next station was my stop, to our start.
I wish I could pull the chain to stop the train.
Even the  rhyme scheme cannot cover the humour I was about to unpack.
The slowing train, was an extra dose.
My fingers twitched, craving for his touch. 
My hands froze.
Kicked out by my senses.
I almost robot-walked my way, to my brother,
who introduced me to his engineer friend.
The friend and I shook hands, and I gulped in, the reality engulfing my dream.
A parallel world without he being an acquaintance to my not-so-similar-looking twin,
would be perfect for us to be.
A situation of win-win.
I know I am falling, 
but when the trampoline is love,
what regrets can it bring.
The bounce is worth a venture.
The drug dealt, is worth a try.
Over dose- [giggles] highly recommended.
I know, with him, it'd be a better place to live,
with love being our only chance to fly.

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