Our Nonpareil Ipseity

Nandini S. Rajesh

Confession and Conversation,
The two things,
Which could possibly stop war,
And discrepancy.

Two simple words,
With complex nature.
First being eligible to those having guts,
And second, to those having patience.

Confession being a slightly more difficult,
Has a lot of perks.
It could likely stop igniting,
Divergence and Anomaly among the society.
Confession of your doings,
Of what you are, of what you ought to be.

I have a Confession to forge,
And a Conversation to engender,
A Confession to who I am, What I am,
Speaking in a nutshell,
A Confession of my Identity and my thoughts.

Does it matter,
If I possess some extra flesh,
If I worship food,
If I am an ambivert,
If I don’t really care about some people’s existence,
If I am a shade darker than how an “ideal woman” should be,
Does it really matter?

A part of society,
Has now become an institution,
Manufacturing judgements on other people’s identity.
Its rooted with wrong mechanism of judging souls on exteriority.

But now, it seems that some people,
Do back their approval.
Its playing with innocent minds, pushing them towards identity crisis.

Hereby, I put forward my question, “Why?”,
Why are we not sure about what’s within us?
Why aren’t we confident on expressing who we truly are?

Answer to this is quite simple.
We always tend to care,
What they think matters.
And they limelight semblance.

So, what does really matter?
Having a room for everyone in your heart, matters.
Possession of a heart full of love, matters.
Living magnanimously, matters.
Offering help, irrespective of who the person is, matters.
Possessing love, which transcends space and time, matters.
Intrinsic Inner Identity, matters.

Diving deep into your own world doesn’t matter,
But, coming out and helping others matters.

So, let’s be confident of who we are,
Short, tall, petite, black, white, brown,
Girl, boy, gay, fragile or flabby,
Let’s embrace ourselves.
Let’s be ourselves, and not change, for the sake.
Let’s possess sanguine identities.
Let’s care about what really matters.
Let’s not circumvent this Conversation,
And be unapologetic for our Confessions.

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