Orange Marigolds

By Spatika Jayaram


I am peeking behind a flower wreath,
My eyes are blinking, the petals
Trying to lull me back to sleep
Orange marigolds wet leaves, 
Looking into the dew, I see a young self 
She's just joined this college,
Learning to spend nights by herself
Dancing with her fingers and mouth, 
The others know not what she says
They speak a different tongue,
Their boats travel other ways. 
I see the girl in them chasing to befriend,
I see her work, 
I see her pen write for others' content,
Her voice sings to the wrong rhythm, She's losing parts, she trembles 

She poured her light, her love, her song

Into the walls of the buildings,
I am back to entangled marigolds.
But now, I'm no longer a timid, lonely bee
Waiting upon others, upon tasks
I found my hidden talent in organizing,
I found it in guiding and growth
Growth to build the ones around me, 
Growth to build myself , with no support
I thought I was a scratch on a fresh wall,
I now know that I'm a firefly keeping aglow the dark rooms,
Wandering amidst the stage spotlight
However big or small. 

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'An Experience That Changed My Life'

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