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Only a Woman ?

By Bahaar. S

Universally growing among the millions of spark, 
Gone unnoticed for bravery,
Remained unsung,
Inspite of her credible remark. 
From being Housemaker to Business tycoon.
She's more than her looks,
Her body ,mind & soul, an ennobling art. 
From being Sweeper to Survivor,
She gave her roar from the heart. 
That she was a woman 
A real priceless dime,
You couldn't afford. 
You were a nasty piece, a grime, 
Left her for god. 
She has risen from the ashes, when you were in dire,
She's one of a kind, a fire.
You played with her,
Kept her in doubt. 
She was an incarnation, 
Could thaw you out.
She didn't let her demons win over you because she knew, 
She was a feminine benign was born to endure & always bless one Little Man like you 🌟 

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