One Day

By Raya Bhattacharya

Suddenly a one-day girl
Rises up and yells
'I want death'
And wears the Kajal of ignorance.
Suddenly a one-day bride
Puts off veil and shrieks
'I want dissension'
And obliterates the sign of Sindur.
Suddenly a one day reeling terrene
Lulls and insinuates
'I want subversion'
And stops every procreation.
Suddenly a virdian dream comes...
Women start to swing
Women start to serenade
Women start to fly. 


  • nice Raya

    Abhishek pateriya
  • well said my dear

  • One day… Definitely one day…

    Rups Shaw
  • one day , everything will change and we’ll dream again

  • virdian dreams spreads out everywhere

  • A pragmatic approach with an artistic touch at the end!!??

    Rupan Bera
  • Congratulations..go ahead..very nice poem.

    ankur guria
  • Proud of u.. Let more love come from u in the same form..

  • Baaah

    Megha dasgupta

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