Of Pleasure, Love and Desire

Apoorva Mathur 

As your lips trace 
the curve of my hands,
And your eyes meet mine.
As you embrace me in your thighs,
and your warm sigh
brushes through my earlobe...
I wonder and wonder 
If what we have here is
Passion, Love or Desire?
You catch me fading,
and with your lips you bring me back.
Your body on mine,
moving slowly and cautiously,
aggravating our mutual want. 
You know your moves 
and understand my clue.
I gasp as you enter,
with that swing of your hips.
Growing faster and wilder,
Like the waves in the sea.
And finally exploding with pleasure and relief.
I see you laying,
a smirk on your face.
I roll on to your arm and murmur, 
'Is this passion: love or desire?'
You roll and hug me tight,
your ice cold hand, on my back,
sends shivers down my thighs.
And in this moment I know,
that it doesn't matter
if this pleasure is love or plain desire.
For I want you inside 
And you seem to read my mind!


  • U nailed it girl ?

    srishti kannoujia
  • @Seerat
    Thank you ❤️

    Apoorva Mathur
  • Lovely !

    Seerat Gupta
  • You did a good job …
    Your presence in the scene seems actual

    Himanshu garia

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