Of Home And Hostel

By Tanisha Chechani


As a 16 year old I leave my hometown ,

with tears rolling down 

and a face studded with frown

little, scared, unaware 

Oh this world apparently wasn’t so fair.

Ugly beds, small rooms,

touched my hands 

for the first time on the broom.

yes you guessed it correctly 

hostel life ; a bane or a boon?

I knew everything about the amount of acid to mix in the base,

Alas, making food was just out of my case.

slowly steadily with having my fingers burned

this amateur girl finally learned how to churn.

For someone who only wakes up with maa’s voice,

living apart from her, I had no other choice.

So my sloth self has now become a light sleeper somehow

wakes up with the alarm clock,

y’all take a bow! 

Now that I can do the laundry, 

go to the bank

even handle the lizards alone

hostel life is to thank. 

little, scared, unaware

now these words sounds strange,

hostel life got me this change! 

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'An Experience That Changed My Life'


  • Loved it, ofcourse. My girl✨✨

    Kruti Shah
  • Beautiful😍💓


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