Not done loving you

By Pratyaksha Pritam

I have watched this heart empty,
soothed it when it was crying,
I have felt the openings,
the pores of dribbling ties,
I have cut my fingers time and again,
rejoining broken threads,
seen my tears drying,
the last drops of emotion falling,
I have known desolation​,
felt empty within,
I have burnt soulful bridges,
blazed along with them,
I have heard my soul screaming,
watched my spirit break,
I have felt the needles prick,
and seen my love burst,
felt the last ounce of myself oozing out,
I have known this body numb,
felt my last nerves,
I have breathed difficult breaths,
and seen life draining out of me,
I have known emptiness,
seen numbness,
and felt lifeless,
and yet i know one thing,
i am not done loving you.


  • thank​ you so much ?

    pratyaksha pritam
  • This relates to me a lot
    Kind of stuck in the situation!!!
    I loved it good one

  • Great stuff. Powerful and hard hurting. Really makes you feel a sense of hopelessness. Considering the topic, I’d say that’s a win, you achieved what you set out to.

  • Awesome work…….. Keep writing
    I hope we’ll be privileged to read some more of your work…..

  • Beautiful.. looking forward to reading more of your work

    Priyanka Pritam

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