No regrets held captive

Rose Merlin John

I've lived as a child with the older and wise that nurtured my mind and my soul.
I've lived as an adult among my friends and foes that stayed beside me to hurt me or to love me.
I've lived as a support for the strangers in pain and dangers to come for comrades along life's path.
I've lived as a lover in the movies I've watched and the stories I read.
I've lived as someone's sorrow in someone's disappointment.
I've lived as someone's joy, in their loneliness when in victory or failing ache.
I've lived as someone's reminder to somebody, they knew.
I've many lives that leave me no regrets.
So if I were to exit,
I'd bow down humbly for the life I've lived and loved,
to watch from afar and turn around for one last glance.
Yet, I'd yearn for more.
More versions to be,
more versions to see
of my self.
Since I've lived,
I've longed
and I continue to long,
as that is how I go forward
with no hesitation to stop for regrets,
that lay behind.

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  • Very good work. 👍loved it..!!


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