By Dharitri Bharatbhai Ramanlal

Walking down the aisle,

My hormones tasted

A new flavor of gushing winds

Emerging from the fiesta of aliens,

Never before did my cheeks felt so pink

Nor my heart skipped one beat

This was it

From a pool of complaints

I landed on an island of glory

All my senses revived

My mind got paralyzed

No longer could it give the bribing pill

Only love was everything I could feel

Life now seemed to be the worthiest

Have now realized the blunder I made

Years ago subtracted love from life

But now comprehended

Its only love that fuels life

All other adjectives fall short

Intriguingly fallen in love with me

It the rarest gem I have

Grateful for having recognized its merit sooner

As it takes very little in turning to few grams of ashes.

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