No Cause of Butterfly, But it Does The Marriage

Sagata Samanta

You got so beautiful wings,do ever you wondered about it?
I do, so dappled colours you have around it
Then why so people makes you messenger of marriage?
I think that's the work of village
She is past twenty said the aunt more curious than her parents
The girl is ready to send the next door What will she do?only burder to her own home
She heard from another side shed her tears
Oh!God why so?am i seriously became burden to my parents?
I want to learn more for my own floor
The childhood was much more sweeter than this ream
Love to feel the essence of swing and slide of garden
That was my golden days from this dark annum
They never understood a feeling of a girl only boys do have all hearts of earning and standing
They are the main epitome of the patriarchy
The butterfly to which i started to praise! hoping at age twenty how could that became my disgrace?
Riding to school with my bicycle keen eyes to the open world
Feared if she comes and sat to my trawled
The culture to my society does the believe Yes it cause the marriage if it comes around you and sat to your body
That body which people never take to any good soul
Only soul to be sold
You don't come to me butterfly
Only hate has left from me to you fly
Where's the fault of you and I
Only was a aim to me stand; you was to strand
Never ever dare to come
I may spoil your preety blee
Only a single pray to God shut the doors of all
May i get success to my dream There is a hope to it; because still i got not catched up by those thieves.

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