Night Skies

Ananya Kamal

Oh, how easy it was in the past gone days,
When my heart was at peace;
In my bird caged chest.
How time used to pass,
And i used to dwell in my supposedly calm;
In my melancholic non-bliss state.
Oh, how i managed to breathe in,
Those stale images and shallow smiles.
Waiting for it to get over,
Or for something new to start.
How i wished to survive, to stay
Or just led it lead to my unnatural decay.
Oh, how unsure i'm of what is to come,
At unease with the thought 
Of not belonging to anyone.
Why, why do i always end up grabbing a twisted vine
Which comes trampling down;
Shattering me and those pure dreams of mine.
Oh, how the gaze melts me
A single touch sets me ablaze
My skin tingles ,aches to be felt.
Deep within, over, until my heart swells.
How can the air stop shifting? once
You hold my gaze and i bid farewell to my hell.
Oh, how serene it is to hold you close,
I want to, hope to ,end your remorse.
Saddened you might not be but still my hearT bleeds.
To see you so and not able to know,
How to chase away those endless falls,
All i hope is to hold your hand and make you sleep.

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