Newspaper arrived like Yamraj's next stop

 By Shivangi
Newspaper arrived
like Yamraj's next stop
"Cases of virus
increasing non-stop."
Headline in bold.
"We're all gonna die"
My sister screams.
"It's raining cats and dogs,
Put the clothing stand in,
You little frogs."
Ma orders. 
"And then wash your hand" 
Ma chants this more than 
the hours in a day. 
Ohhh, what a holiday! 
Dad says,
"Let's play 
a game of hygiene,
what do you say" 
"I took a shower, 
washed my hands
and didn't touch my face"
"Can we play Tambola instead?!"
My sister sighs.
"I'd rather Netflix and chill"
"We can play cards."
Ma suggests.
Dadi, Dada overhear the irrelevant discussion.
"Can we join too or are we too old?!" 
"He can beat you all on the battlefield of chessboard."My dadi boasts.
"Let's play Antakshari"
My overworked dad says with big eyes
like a little kid aroused in him. 
"Let's team up and play. 
Whose team are you in?"
I ask my 4 year old little sister.
"We're all in this together." 
My sister answers.

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