Hariny  V

Find me by the lake
Beyond the curled mist of clouds
In between the pearl garden of haze.

The lake stands deathly still
Pulsing with echoes of tales
You have no idea about.
It lives. It breathes.
Houses feelings more potent
Than you and me.

Sit with your legs folded
On the cracked wooden plank
That drops at the edge
Into the damp secrets below.

Talk. Talk slow. Talk loud.
Talk the way I whisper into your ear.

Let your voice caress its grey surface.
A surface where images begin to flit.
Dark green creepers in a jungle,
Lonely sheep in a farm,
A throbbing yellow sky.
They keep moving faster with your voice.

There is a sudden whirl
Right in the middle of the lake
Don’t let your voice quiver
But stand up and walk straight
To the edge of the plank
And meet what you came for.

The children of the lake
Built with a shimmer of soft gray
Glide towards you
From the center of the swirl.
They talk back
In slow silent whispers.
Hold your hand.
Eyes of a unicorn
Body of a frozen fairy.
Made of glazed ice,
Rainbow moonstones.

Trace the icicles of their heart.
And close your eyes.

They soak your words
The tremor in your voice.

They sing tales
That will take you home
No matter where you are.

Come sit by my side
Near the lake in the pearl garden
And tell me everything.
It doesn’t matter
The language or tone
Or who you are.

The lake will listen.

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