Naked Souls


The lights were finally dimmed
fingers interlocked, glancing passionately 
      as they ever dreamed..
Strong arm wrapped around her waist,..
and a sudden pull.. 
        pressing against her soft firm breasts​..
Then she squeezed her eyes shut,
        delicious comfort it seamed!!
and he continued to lean towards her, 
       licking her every inch..
Tangling fingers in her hairs, 
      he felt her breaths getting warmer..
sensations stimulated
       and feelings aroused stronger..
Lips pressing gently against the other, 
     discovering the pleasure more..
finally a fond kiss was silently
        feeding the naked souls!!
Then he entered her, 
              letting out loud moans
and they continued making love
           till the end of the dawn..


  • you just made my day! thank you! @jayanta

    Himadri Mandal
  • As your every pieces blows my mind….this too wasn’t an exception….totally in love with how you play with your words….keep going….there’s a bright future waiting for you.

  • Thanks for your kind compliment@sonia

    Himadri Mandal
  • Thanks for all your support di? @sumadri

    Himadri Mandal
  • That’s my sister…. I loved it…
    U r so good with words…. love u..

  • While going through the lines, each n every word of your poem is so impressive! I was wondering wen the love making day will come in my life.. You r truly appreciable! Go on writing babe?

  • Thanks @Uma Menon.. that means a lot

    Himadri Mandal
  • Thank you so much @Rishika

    Himadri Mandal
  • God! It totally moved my mind.
    Thats how you play with words girl :)

  • Very vivid poetry, invoking images in my head. I like your writing a lot Himadri.

    Uma Menon

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