Naive! or Was I?

 Abhignya Chalamcharla

I am a butterfly fairy

I can spread my wings
and soar high
into the wide blue yonder
I fly high 
into the skies
basking in the warmth
of the light
I fly too close to the sun
I am the God 
second to none
The sun shines too bright
and I'm blinded by the glory
too blinded to notice 
the clouds heavy with water 
wanting a downpour
I throw my sparkle dust 
right through the clouds
wanting to show my glamour
I scream and let out a roar
I am the only one
besides the shining sun
The clouds begin to wail 
and wail amidst loud tears 
I look down at how happy others are
and I get mad because 
I am the only one 
besides the shining sun
I run up to the blazing 
sun to complain and 
suddenly I am floating away
melting into the vibrant colors
I see and feel happy about
and realize
I've come between 
the water and the blazing sun
caused chaos 
and willing my own destruction
I am a rainbow 
spreading smiles
and I hope
someone down there
is clever enough to know
that too much is never good
too much rain 
or too much sun



  • I appreciate your style of writing

  • Nice one to get carried away!

  • Supeb


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