My Uncontrollable Witch of Sentiments

Priyanka Soam

I feel like it's a rainy day
my aspects are torn asunder consuming the pain

you know how they kill themselves slowly
with whiskey, cigarettes, and drugs trying to get holy

I have none to be called as my murderer
for my inner soul sleeps and cradles a slayer

this ever dark, doomy, living in dusky dells
is none other than my uncontrollable witch of sentiments

this witch scrapes each day a generous grain of hell
my blood is getting black and my head under a foggy spell

When I try to reason with my sentiments
It just swings its head into an infernal pendulum

Cross, wretched, spiteful, is the creature that lives within
I have scolded, questioned, and tried making peace with it

But it never droops that fiery head
Tormenting like the tempests it yells and asks for keys full of bed

She wishes to unlock the baleful bits
I have cried days and nights trying to sell her those beautiful memory's tickets

She is a child asking for replies
I know she is innocent and just needs a loveable bite

But she has been defamed, beaten, and cheated on
she says she can't happen to move on

Sometimes her fire is turned to the ice
She smiles like the summer and moves like oceanic-tide

But then the devil brings on the bile
of killing the love and fruitless bribes

She recalls his promises and spits on his weakened soul
She's soon turned into the house left alone, somber, lifeless, and old

It has not been long since I realized
that she lives in me as a knotted bind

I have to let her live till she sleeps for eternity
I have promised her to let her rest until she's dust, soil, and gritty

Oh, I know the heaven is where she's lying on the mossy green
wildflowers undulating in the breeze nearby a tidy stream

and the sun smiling happily from above
the sky a blanket of zero qualms and tears turned into a peaceful dove.

Flying high up above
high up above


  • It’s incredible…

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  • 😍 Perfect blend of words 🎀

  • This is more than beautiful.


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