My time to rise

By Dolly
"New year new me",
Just has become a cliche,
Empty words,
Without a soul,
So not to latch myself with the concept,
I'll work in silence,
Eat healthier,
Without the aim of shrinking in size,
I'll be praising my body everytime,
Then comes the mental peace,
In which i've been failing miserably,
But i'll try my best from now,
Not let those thoughts be a member of my mind,
A guest is just fine,
As they will go as they come,
Will not allow toxics to ruin myself,
Their words that cut me deep,
Sharper than the knife,
I'll now wear a shield,
The goals i must achieve,
As I've learnt from past mistakes,
I've only gained,
Path i chose, might be a tough one,
But it's time, i become a warrior,
As life is just a battlefield,
You either attack or get attacked,
For this year's resolution,
Is to be my own self,
Where i decide my own destiny,
The future i've dreamt of,
The love i've craved for,
To make everything come true,
To set boundaries,
From those who always hurt,
I'll bleed differently now,
I'll breathe rhythmically now,
As i've realized,
It's my time to rise.


  • it’s amazing…… you are so amazing dolly, and your poetry is just awesome….. keep writing keep shining…. 😊

  • Excellent and empowering :)

    Nikhil Bharadwa
  • Touching , loved it ❤️

  • Motivating ✨

    Kshiti Jhala
  • Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments, means alot to me❤

  • Really nice way at improving oneself. Wonderful poem.

    Shwetha Maiya
  • Beautiful

  • This is so empowering! Beautifully worded! ♥️

    Paree Punnj

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