My Superhero


Does Superhero exist??
The answer is yet unrevealed
But the magic can be felt
Which protects like a shield
My protector is my Mother
Who is always there like a backbone
Superior than a super human
The strongest person I have known
Whether merriment or despair
Be it accomplishment or defeat
She is always there to hold me
My paradise is at her feet
For all the wonderful moments
I am grateful to the creator
Does Superhero exist?
Yes, I call her Mother...


  • simple and awesomely written.

  • Artistic creative line…. Good

    Raksha pareek
  • Artistic creative line…. Good

    Raksha pareek
  • Beautiful description…..words chosen wisely👍👌

  • Very nice poem! Hope to hear some more. You’re really talented!!

    Soniya M.
  • Proud to be a mother of such a talented daughter. Excellent !! 😇

    Parveen Shaikh
  • Mom. . Maa. . Ammijaan. . Aai. . Mother. .
    | | Superhero | |
    She is the one, for whom we all are always ever remain child. .
    She is the one, who stoods beside us, protects us, offer us her graceful arms when when so ever, we all, are in need. .
    She wakes up early with us n make us ready for school in our early ages of life. .
    She drops us in school n kip waiting outside our school gate till we disappear fully. .
    O poetess Afzaleen, tnx alot for giving Superhero title to all of us beloved mom’s. .
    Beautiful lines. .
    Kip much more posting. .

    . . A n e e l
  • Wonderful

  • Very well written… Really 💓 touching

  • Beautifully written…

  • Wow, Just wow, I loved it. This is amazing!!! Your words are beautiful and magical.

  • Wow😌💓 nice such a beautiful words😻

  • Heart touching lines💫loved it..!! ❤️Keep sharing those kind of lovely thoughts ma’am ☺️

  • Wonderful poem… Really well said… about “MOTHER”…

    Lovina S Madhav
  • Wonderful poem yet again! There is something about the way you put down your words. So magical !!
    Your poem gives a huge motivational spirit, Thanks alot for sharing this.. 😍☺️

    Ashwin Malviya

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