My shades of grey

Reemanshi Yukta

My shades of grey
Exasperated I feel,
Trapped amidst the chaos I never wanted to deal.
I grew up where being beaten up every now and then was fine,
Where I wasn't even a human nor was my soul divine.
Saying 'No' was never allowed,
As an imperfect daughter I was avowed.
Conflicts between 'em always prevailed,
I was tired of it and my mind derailed.
Bruised body and a bleeding soul that's all I did own,
Irrefutable fear, crushed dreams and twinge unknown.
Life seemed rough and squirming,
Love is all that I kept on craving.
Peace was denied and hatred served,
Taken aback by the crossroads and left unnerved.
Was never forgiven for the mistakes I made,
I never look back to the ones who betrayed.
Now that all this has become a part of past,
A happy realization prevails that things don't last.
It's okk having been through so much,
My aching soul needs a retouch.
I have become the magic I believe,
Holding onto the soul once bereaved.
I am no more scared of fights,niether of the darkest nights,
Today I stand satisfied in the carnival of lights.
I smile more than I ever did,
Scars have vanished and the past forbid.
Have won those battles I was fighting for too long,
Life has just become beautiful alike my playlist's last song.
I adore the person who I have become,
Now that I have chose 'ME' I seek assurance from none.
I have become the love I need,
Holding onto the soul once believed.
I am happy revealing my shades of grey,
Cuz' everything is transient and nothing does stay.

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  • The darker the night, the more golden the morning is.

    Very beautiful words and very deep thinking .

    Dr. Priyesh Goel

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