My Nani's Reminiscing Home


In the midst of her peaceful bliss

Lies the core of simplicity-

A cup of love,

A plate of desirable delicacies

A spoonful of her taunts-

The entire dining table holding

Her handful of plaful stories

And a smile, that is void of worries.

The insides of my heart,

Find a calming happiness,

In her house, in her presence,

In my nani's shelter.

Summers would ring excitedly,

And our bags would start their journey

To her geriatric house.

Her subtle gold, and

Embellished suit salwar,

Would hug us on the doors,

Marking our sunny days,

To be filled with her morning tantrums,

Noon's savouries and naps,

Evening's garden ride,

Night's grand feast,

And midnight's terrace slumbers.

For the endings to be sweeter,

Her money covers would fill our pockets,

And turn us into

Tiny responsible citizens.

Each second spent around my nani,

Was the ultimate source of contement,

And each May passing by,

Is a remembrance of her death.

Ah! The face of nostalgia

Is beautiful as ever,

Sending me ripples of memories,

And waves of happiness.

With her huge home conquered by her sons,

Her soul has never left this world.

It stayed with me in those photographs,

Which captured or captivated,

My long lost euphoria.

Hello world, I'm pursuing Fashion Designing from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), while being a writer by heart. Even though I'm freelancing as a content writer, penning down poems and quotes are my ultimate source of peace.

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