My Lover


Moon drops into the ocean
Splashes stars on his face
I look at him, eyes widened
My lover bathed in fairy tale

I spread like wildfire
And burn crisp under his gaze
My ashes rise higher
My lover blew magic my way

I revel in my catastrophe
In my departed and tattered soul
His whirlpool surrounds my humble lair
My lover cuts me off my air

The fire stops,
And the forest floods
He rises in steam,
Quenching my thirst

He dives with me into the ocean
Splashes stars across my commotion
He stripped me off my pain and low
My lover loved me deep and slow

I wake with stardust in my hair
Blue-black jewels,
And a crown never to be shared

He smiled looking
At the glow on my face
My lover had bathed me in fairytale

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