My love your desire

Shweta Chauhan

When an eye comes open
Maybe a dream wakes up
Can I say a dream or blue sky
Seeing whom my heart cry
I thought many times perhaps try to understand
When heart, cries dear loses something
But see this, sky gets clear
Those days were my love and your desire!!!
A feeling wakes up
A silence silences
I don't even understand when..
When I miss you..badly..
No matter how much I insist..
Some desires often remain in the heart
Now that wishes are no more but questions
Was that your love or your desire?
When today I close my eyes
Might have gone into that time..
Even today when something I made..
Still feel your presence into my head
It's not that much easy
But it's not easy to get out of this heart
That was my love not your desire..
I am happy today where I am
As I am happy to be myself
Old stories are sometimes seen
And see the love and hate in them
Some relationship happens
Some relationship are incomplete
Maybe love doesn't happen many times..
That's why dreams still remains unfulfilled!!
Was that a game of luck or mine..
Had put my heart with breaks
I think today about all those memories
That was only my love not your desires..
Something is probably right without saying
Something is probably free..
It's all about love .!!
Otherwise everyone is imprisoned somewhere..

I had imprisoned myself only when..
Now day seems like new..
Dreams of happiness are new ...
You were my mistakes in past..
But still the rest is somewhere...
Is this my love or was it...???

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