My Love, My Quest

Neenv Raju Akunuri

Our love was a prey of the conspiracies of the world, a tale that could not be shared.
Caught in a web of lies and deceit, the uncovered truths that could not be bared.
Her petite palms wrapped around the chains as she hung on to her life.
The passers-by didn't bother, it was no longer our struggle, it was only her strife. 
Shivering in the cold,  she covered her face, they wouldn't know her plight.  
She picked herself up, dragged her feet, it took all of her strength, and all her might.
Constantly at war with herself she vowed she wouldn't come looking for me.
She was distraught, and let down, to say the least; because I was the one to flee. 
The trees shed their leaves crisp and dry, reminding her it was autumn. 
Her hope was in spring,  she knew but as the snow storm raged her it was her future that she couldn't fathom. 
With every rejection she fought her way, she became faint,  she was feeble. 
Determination was her only armor, luck had long gone, vanished; into a haystack, like a needle. 
Every brick she put in the walls, to build her fortress of solitude, 
Was a memoir, of the stares of disappointment, and of the nods of disapproval, she had received from the multitudes. 
She built it around her, it had no windows, no door.  
She didn't need any saving, I’m sure she has told herself,  she wanted to be inside, trapped for ever more. 
The snowflakes fell from above and danced between her fingers, with a glow. 
She wasn't surprised that they didn't melt,  her heart, she smiled to herself,  was now colder than the snow.
She worked - relentless, cunning in skill and with no imperfections to trace,
As though searching for answers within herself,  for the questions she once couldn't face. 
She steps out in the dark to fight her demons, she doesn't believe she is courageous.
The world had once called her stubborn but only I knew she was tenacious. 
She moves with grace and is agile, swift like a hawk and ferocious like a tiger.  
She pretends to be calm but it’s her soul that’s burning inside with a passion fueling the fire. 
I stand and watch her helplessly and with every passing minute I fall in love with her more.
Every night as the stars glistened in her eyes, my heart wept sore. 
She looks past me, she doesn't acknowledge my presence, would she ever realize she is the sole reason for my existence?
As the spring flowers bloom, she emerges a warrior, she has worn herself out.
She has aged beyond years, she is wise and displays no sign of doubt. 
She looks into the mirror, the world defines her prudence as experience.
I smile at her back, because she finally owns me now,  she calls me her Reflection, she calls me her Independence. 


  • great !!!

  • U nailed it Neenv !!

  • Superb

    A V RAJU
  • Wow ! What an expression.

    Santosh Kumari
  • Wow

    Santosh Kumari

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