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My Identity

Smriti Pradhan

When we are born we get identity by our name given by our parents. Our name becomes our identity until we define ourselves in this world. As we grow we learn many things that help us to know what we want to be in our life, how we want our lives to be. Unfortunately, some of us don’t realize it till the end and want things to be changed. We interact with other people to know what we are, as they show or tell us what we are as human beings. We believe that they are always better than us but we actually don’t know what we are until the other person doesn’t let us know. We try to be perfect in front of others and try not to commit any mistakes as we think what other person will think about it and we start to lose ourselves and try to become what they want it from us but not what we want to be in life.
When we start to lose ourselves, we think that we are being a problem to others and we are not good at anything apart from creating problems to others. But we should think whether we are actually causing the problems or the others are making us feel that way. Some people don’t accept their fault but try to blame others. By doing this, they are not letting their so called identity go off. But they don’t have any knowledge that the other person is losing their identity and have started doubting themselves that who they really are and they not worth of living. We lose hope on ourselves and lose our identity and try to copy or cope up with other’s identity by destroying our own identity. In the past, people or the society would never accept the true identity of being what we are and used to suppress within without letting it out. We would think a million times to destroy the true identity as the “society” would never accept it and blame us for being ourselves. They portray as if it was our fault but it’s again God’s will too. We never know what he wanted to create and teach us, to accept our respective identities and respect them. Earlier, people would blame themselves for what they are and curse themselves for being themselves .People used to hide it from everyone and try to imitate what they are not and pretend, so that the society would not blame them or their families for blemishing the society with their identity. As time went on people started to educate themselves and started to educate to the next generation so that they would differentiate between verity and allegory of knowing their true identity and accepting it without the fear of the society. We should never blame the person for being what they are. Instead we should nurture them and help them out to become what they really want to be in life. And not making them what the society wants them to be. The society always tittle-tattles about other’s lives, they don’t have their own identity of themselves but are always best in talking about others identity. There are many countries with different physiognomy and still people don’t know about it. They talk about their nationality or caste because of their different physical features and give inappropriate names, humiliate them for being different. It’s like they are not human like others but came from different planet with different features. Fortunately, some of us never differentiate as far as them humanity is much important than anything in life. That’s what makes them different from others as they always help the ones who is needs one, always welcome guests as God and never judge by appearance as everyone have own individual identity. Identity helps us to recognize from each other as all the people are not from same caste, nationality, race, religion etc. We should accept it as we are and that’s the point which makes us different from each other but humanity makes us one.
Helping one another to find the identity for themselves and accepting it would lead us to the next level of being human with dignity and integrity. And never humiliate others as some are not emotionally strong to handle things in life but would doubt on themselves and take such a step in life that they would like to end it up. So better make things easy for everyone and let them live their life. Let them know their true identity in their own way. And if we can’t help then better stay away than to make things complicated for them in their life.

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