My Dreams

Roohi Bhargava 

I dare to dream
Dream to live,
Live a life,
Life full of dreams,
To cherish for lifetime,
I dare to dream.



Dreams are beautiful, 
Serene to heart,
Difficult for mind,
Sometimes not easy to decipher,
the difficulties of life, 
I dare to dream.



I'm a Dreamer, 
Dreaming of happy life, 
A life of love and warmth,
Togetherness and wildness intrigued, 
With numerous reasons,
I dare to dream.



Dreaming about you,
With you near me, 
Your fingers entangled with mine,
A smile on your lips, 
Your lips on my head, 
Peace in your embrace, 
Warmth in your hug, 
Your soul meeting mine, 
I find true love,
And I dare to dream again. 


  • Beautiful Poem Roohi…. Its great to read… Thanks for such amazing poem…. And now I also Dare To Dream :)

  • Wow Roo such a beautiful poem. I love the last stanza ??? after reading this every one will start ‘Dare to Dream’?

    Anjali Mahajan
  • Poem is awesome….

  • Wow….Amazing poem!!??

  • Amazing blend of emotions…
    Beautiful lines by beautiful soul
    like always loved it…


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