My Dream World

Priyanka Yadav

I love to be with myself in my dream world
I have best conversation with myself in my dream wolrd
A dream world where sugar fades when people meet ,  peace is there in every street
Where brothers live together and parents are respected forever
Where a guy is not known by his cast,
but by his deeds in the past
Where terms like rich and poor are lost
and gap between them reduce to naught
Where every child lives his lovely childhood and never asked to beg for livelihood 
Where youth is like a forest fire 
which sets the nation on the progress desired
Where earth is worshiped like a holy place,
rather than making it a bin of waste
Where trees are present everywhere 
with birds and animals in their cup of share
I wish this dream world become live 
with the help of you guys together suffice!!


  • It’s really good

  • really nice poem, esp the lines ‘where youth is like forest fires, which sets the nation on the progress desired’

    It like the wishful list put in the poem with such simplicity . Keep up the with the simplicity of thoughts. that’s a big strength in writing.

    vishu mishra

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