My Dream Dominions

Aabida Gani

How I unconsciously
weave a story
having a perfect stream of eventuality
often trivial but those unintended
events seem true to life
when I am dead to the world .
They have the
power of persuasion,
they give me hope
and reinforce my determination.
They have the art of creating the perfect
and realistic images,
they fill me up with
ample throughgoing ideas
bringing along some mortal emotions
and curious sensations,
they choose the liberal
amount of charm and a critical faculty
on their own accord.
They unnearth my flair
and sometimes bring me nightmare,
they make me realize
my natural state is an outsider,
yet, they make me
leap from imaginations to actuality ,
from playing with flames and tasting fire ,
to divinely making me realize
I am dreaming a dream.
In my dream ,
my dream dominions wake me up to the reality
in the bed of my limited universe
and I endeavor to explore
the boundaries of my strength.
And to treasure my dream
I step out from the bars of my fantasy,
and when I look outside into the sky
its blueness scrounges me
and eagles fascinate me,
and I envy each eagle
when they make slothful
circles in the space,
with the wings spread out
and courageous flight
expanding their enclave in the vast sky .
This blueness and all birds fill me up
with a whim to fly ,
above the clouds ,
over the mountains
and the oceans,
overcoming the winds
in a chase to touch the sky .
And in real I wish to feel
the pleasure of freedom of flight
though ,an unconscious life
but this semblance of a living
encourages me
and they landed me in the
infinite space and time
in the middle of nowhere
they make me seek my being .

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