my dear friends

By Deewang Bhamidipati

life has introduced me
to a particular kind of friend
they are twins, while one unwanted
the other is peculiar
they rarely meet me together
but their arrival 
is heralded by the winds
for one it cuts, for the other it embraces
their arrival is heralded
by the silence around me
for one it stings
for the other it creates safe haven
once they arrive
they take over my soul
one plunges it into the abyss
while the other caresses it
one they arrive, they take
my thoughts and colour
them their own, as if
they're theirs and not mine
but once one leaves, the
other arrives promptly. 
as if waiting around for 
the other to depart
maybe you have
met them as well
they are my dear friends
loneliness and solitude

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