My Brain's Tomb

Khushi Sethi

Yesterday, I went behind the dark hills
And it was scary, it gave me the thrill
It had some dark truths that lied within
In the thick branches of the tall redwood trees
I looked around
And saw something that appeared unreal
Something that couldn’t be seen ,
But something I could feel
I could feel it calling to me
I could hear it whisper
“ to find what lies within
You will have to pass the bad sinister”
I could hear it murmur
“If you truly have what it take,
You must enter
Or go back to where you came from
And surrender”
I could hear a grumpy voice say
“ HaHa you can’t do it
You’re just a small town girl
With unnecessary wit “
I could hear an old man grunt
“ Try to pass this test
It will prove if you are the best “
I could hear a devilish woman hiss
“ You’re not a pretty girl
You don’t even look like a miss”
I could hear a witch yell
“ complete the task
Before the bell “
I could hear something hum
The song that was sung to me by my mum
But in the end I could hear an angelic voice,
Which radiated hope and good thoughts, but only a few
“You can do it
Just be you
These monsters will try to tell you
Something not true
Don’t listen to them
Just be you
They want you to fail
Follow the correct trail
It will lead to something new
But always remember
Just be you .”
After hearing this all
I realised not that soon
That all along I was in my room
And this place I went to
Was just my brain’s tomb
A dark place i never visited before
Black on the outside
But darker inside
With a little sunshine that peaked through the tiny creak between the closed curtains
I hope I never go there again
I wondered about the angelic voice
Whose was it and from where it came?


  • Such a lovely reminder to self
    Just be you.
    You’re as brilliant as your wonderful Parents.
    God bless you Khushi💕

  • well done khush. Proud of u. Way to go.

    Sanjay Sethi
  • Well done. Keep it up and have faith in your skills.

    Rakesh Kumar Chhabra
  • What a message !
    Keep going and weaving your dreams In to reality.

  • What a message !
    Keep going and weaving your dreams I to reality.

  • Well done
    With faith in ur skills
    Let words weave a tapestry of hope love dreams n much more


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