My Beautiful Earths Cry

By V. Dhanushree


Yes,My dear mother Earth

People will never know the worth
We stand on the ground 
But we dig the underground
Our planet is fuming 
But did not have time to think about global warming
We are living the life with hated 
Don't have time to think about air which is sophisticated
We want the water to be pure
We waste and pollute it which is impure 
Everyday we cut 37 percent of trees 
Are we ready to plant those trees?
We keep on troubling the earth 
Because,we don't know how we to use the resources 
Everything has an solution 
So,Pollution also has some solution 
Lets take steps 
From using plastics to using paper bags
From using vehicles to using cycles 
From destroying trees to planting trees
Few steps to take care of earth 
So,We will know the worth   
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Mother Gaia' 

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  • Good initiative! I’m glad you also mentioned the ways of prevention that is rare


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