Sushant Koul

The idea is to always be empty,
Not holding on too tightly,
What you think makes you,
It's just moonlight pleading through you.

But, Be aware!
As our souls are on sale.
Will you open yourself up,
Thinking is it the same mistake again?

Like trees, birds, wolves and rivers,
All know their light,
Let's not be afraid they say,
Second moon is always bright!

To roam the world at will,
To range the fields and to rove the flood,
its the strange & new what we thrive for,
Ah! the curse of gypsy blood.

Not being a legion lost!
Being brave instead,
As there is home wherever you go,
Beautiful souls don't know how to rest.

And honey one day our bodies will tear apart,
But, the moon will shine through our golden heart,
As they are mortals who will remain silent,
And the one's in love, are those,
Who already know about it!

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