Sheel Mehta

Following the trend and following the herd.
An extrovert on the outside, and inside- a nerd.
Fighting your natural instincts, no matter how loud they bark.
Spent the weekend in a club instead of a park.

Rubbed off the dark lipstick because it is too bold.
Altered yourself to fit in this pretentious mould.
Wore clothes of lighter shades to avoid looking dark,
Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t your favourite colour black?

Hid your feelings too well, didn’t shed a tear,
Tears will taint your masculinity is your constant fear.
Embarrassed to seek aid, you keep quiet for too long,
Pardon my assumption, but isn’t asking for help a virtue of the strong?

Did everything right for their acceptance.
For the passerby, you walked that extra distance.
Pleased people and now you’re the one everybody adores,
Your identity has their approval but does it have yours?

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