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Mischief Managed

Anupam Jaina

You were like gravity,

Endearing, yet powerful,

Impossible to resist,

Did I ever have any chance?


You are a curious dream,

An enigma you seem,

In my life, that's a musical,

You must be the dance.


More I get to know you,

More I am amazed,

By this mystery, this riddle, this puzzle,

I can't wait to turn the next page.


Who are you?

What have you done?

Ushered in my life with sunshine,

You have my heart and mind, spun.


You have me questioning again,

Is magic really in my reach?

You're an abracadabra of sorts, 

Despite the noise, I've started to believe.


My demons are smarting, 

They're petrified by you, 

They leave me alone now,

But I hope you never do.


I solemnly swear that I'm up to only good,

In our Marauder's Map, you'll find me, by your side, stood.

I may be crazy, but not enough to cause damage,

To you or to us; now let's have some mischief, managed.


  • Hi Sneha. Thank you for reading my poem and for reviewing so kindly. The muse is magical, so I tried my best to capture that in this dedication. We both are Potterheads as well! :)

    Anupam Jaina
  • Love the Harry Potter references.. the title itself grabbed my attention. Loved the line ‘is magic really in my reach?’

    Sneha Asthana
  • Hey Sharanya. Thank you for reading, commenting and being so kind with your review! :)

    Anupam Jaina
  • That was a unique way of expressing the theme! Great job!

    Sharanya B
  • Hey Anushka. Thank you for reading and commenting, and liking my poem. The references are there because the muse of this poem (and I as well) is a Harry Potter fan! :)

  • The addition of HP references makes it all the more lovable??❤️❤️


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