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Mirror, Mirror, What do you see?

 Linsha Alex

My feet hurt
Gasping and clenching,
through the fields I run
I want to stop,
Stop and look back
Who is it?
What does it want?
The shadows beside is all I got
Sweating forehead and shivering hands
Adrenaline wrapped around,
like a fire breathing snake

A second of sigh,
and where am I?
The grass lay stones
And mountains turn to walls
My limbs hold no strength, no more
I closed my eyes,
bound by arms, defeated by head
How do I move?
How do I run?
Surrounded by shadow, into the limbo I spun

And then for a moment,
I opened my eyes
To face my demon for the first time
A mirror with a reflection so bright
Enormous and strong
like a phoenix born from the ashes
Only to realize, the demon I feared
were wings of mine
I woke up with a sparkle in my eyes
And that is when I chose,
To flutter but fly.

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