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Miles Away

i. Love comes like a slow winter and leaves unrequited.
Only regret lingers behind, uninvited.
ii. There are quiet places of hurt that I will never show you,
Here I bleed words and pretend like art was worth this hole in my chest.
iii. In the shadows of false hope and make-believe,
I dream us a life together.
iv. You are miles away,
I think of midnight
in Kolkata
How your fingers could
dance in mine,
How we could scatter memories across the city
How we could trace the stars in the night sky and marvel at how they had aligned just so we would find each other.
v. These are the stories I tell myself.
vi. As I open my door to summer in Hyderabad
You close yours to pouring rain
in Kolkata and wrap your arms around her.
vii. Somewhere a song plays from a December evening we spent together under twinkling lights.
I catch my breath just as you start to hum along.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Breakup'

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