Midsummer Thoughts

Ramita Mukherjee

It's not another windy day, but a ghastly storm
The keys of the piano, clamour of the sharpest notes ever rung
Upheaval in the core, amidst the ubiquitous downpour
Floundering through memories, like the lost wind amidst the swaying trees, unsung.

No more sauntering down the lane, but a mind-bending eerie churn
The whistling of the wind, sporadic momentary clunger of broken glass
Chatelaine of her churlish mind, like a cicada in between the circadian dreams
Helplessness so maddening, like a cinder in her heart, a barbaric rhythm.

A gale in the sea, waves giving the shore a shudder
The faraway sawmill so dark, I somewhere lost a friend suddenly in the dark
Flickering of the candle light, no more holy church prayers
Caged in the hut, outpouring of wishes from the soul, uncanny is the gust of the wind.

Moments flashed, seemed like embarrassments, relentless efforts to get back those old days, thumped
Right at the back of the mind, a quite gabble
Painful, so painful, but never to lose the gamine charm
Tried to cling to the last rope, hold on while the wind blew past, never know, it would soon be euphonious again, and not a fable with a fabricated facade?

Longing to experience those unrequited moments, being washed away by the sand
No explanation but a sudden silence, was it the lull before the storm?
Pledged to hold tight, to not let go, of the belief so strong
Still, my sailor heart enquired once more, who am I, where did I go wrong?


  • Very well written! It’s both emotional and relatable!

  • The essence of the poem is so relatable. Love it . ❤️❤️

  • A storm, so beautifully penned down! Too good❤❤

  • This is soo good. Each and every word gives a vivid image of the emotions and expressions. :))

  • The imagery of this poem and the analogy to the emotions is spectacular. You can almost feel the heart-wrenching storm as you read it. Really well-written!


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