Midnight Bliss

Tavleen Kaur Narula

Petal-by-petal her layers I shed
Honey-drenched lips on which I fed

Oh sweet nectar, those petals bled
By which I, a thirsty butterfly, to her, was led

She, a beautiful moon-flower
Mine, in the magical midnight hour

Us, fallen, shooting stars
Aligned into constellations, we named ours
Galaxies of passion birthed in us
As stars and constellations collided among us
Dew from her eyes, her face moistened
As pain and pleasure horizoned
Devouring, savouring each bit
Hollowing, starving without it
In my lap she sits
My arms around her hip
The animal within
Has left our bodies in prints


  • Thank you Shubham :’) ❤

  • Purely mesmerizing. :)

    Shubham Kumar
  • Thank you Apoorva!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • This is so beautiful! ❤️


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