Memories of Delhi

Ishita Priyali

Dear Diary,

Hi! Its been long no? I know, its just been so hectic while shifting, changing cities is hard diary, but I am glad we are back in Delhi. This is where I had my childhood, till of course we moved to Lucknow, which was nice too, but Ive always missed Delhi for some reason. Perhaps its the nostalgic memories or maybe just having the best of my younger kiddy memories here. Anyway, today I visited a place which I guess I hadnt visited forever.

Today I am going to introduce you to a special place of mine dear diary, Khan market. Lived in a lot of cities, but I guess this place had a charm of its own.

Situated in central Delhi, I remember always skipping down to this market after school as a kid. My mom being a senior bookworm introduced me to the first book cafe I would grow up to adore. Cafe Turtle- its a small cafe with tons of books on the first floor and a small sweet cafe upstairs. I think I brought  my first Enid Blyton’  here ( well Barbie goes on an Adventure too, which I read about a hundred times , but lets ignore that ) .I visited it again , and guess what it hasnt change a bit , except  maybe you can spot way more foreigners now .

China Fare, another favorite restaurant of mine, its been in Khan market for a long time. My love for Hot and soursoup started here, and of course my first Mc Donald happy meal (I cant even count how many times I had thrown tantrums for that stupid happy meal), sadly that Mc Donald is no more, its been replaced by high end branded shops. Yes, my Khan market has changed dear diary. It used to be a simpler place in a simpler time.

I have countless memories of this market , from getting my first Barbie ( and yes the toy shop owner still remembers me , I was the tantrum throwing kid , who helped him make a lot of money , my poor poor parents ) to getting my haircuts done at Sunflower with Ms. Nancy who used to give me the Preity Zinta cut(hey she was all the craze then ) ,whos surprisingly still there giving amazing haircuts 

The Famous Big chill chain of Delhi started here, I still swear by their desserts (No, for real people, if you havent visited the Big chill cakery, you missingon a lot man).

So, you see dear diary, even if people did move on to malls, I couldnt ever forget my dear Khan market. Its a place of my childhood dreams. A place where a younger Ishita still waits for her first Barbie 20 years ago.



  • Very well captured and appropriate selection of words.

    Kunal Mathur
  • Wonderful write up on Khan Market…Ishita…Khan Market is one of the most happening places in Delhi..

    Ajay Mathur
  • The article puts across a nostalgic part of the writer’s childhood in beautiful flowing words!

  • Beautiful blog.!Ishita will go miles ahead in this field. Sheel Toni

    S s asthana
  • Very nicely written article Ishita.
  • One of Ishita’s finest works. Wish it would’ve been longer :)

  • Now I’ve added another place in Delhi I haven’t been to my ‘To go’ list. Thanks for the recommendations!

  • <3

    Sima Thapariya
  • What I like about the article is that even though you can be as far removed from Delhi as you possibly can, there’ll always be something you can connect to your own childhood


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